Aadyaa means
Aadyaa ( आद्य )  means original, the power from which all five senses have originated and it also stands for "unparalleled", the "first one".
We sum ourselves in three words : Tradition. Soul. Happiness 



One of the most significant part of our story is the word “WE”.

Apart from our creative excellence ,'WE' are a beautiful combination of enthusiasm, honesty and hard work. We believe in growing steadily and together.
We take great pride that ours is a self-sustained business, that had humble beginnings and as we grow along we look forward to broaden our horizons. 
We promise and deliver to create jewelry with the best quality raw material and impeccable craftsmanship forever.

It is our dream to be the most loved and trusted handmade jewelry brand ever.

Welcome to the Aadyaa Family and we look forward to a life-long association with you.


Our Journey so far


April 2013
Founded by Sayalee Marathe , Aadyaa started creating and selling jewelry on our Facebook Page.

October 2014
With 25 thousand followers on the page it was impossible to  handle orders  and so we launched our own e-store , www.aadyaa.com 

March 2015
With a family of 50 thousand Aadyaadicts on Facebook and more than thousand clients on the website we launched our first studio, with an amazing team of three members on March 1st , 2015, in Pune.
This was a big leap of faith and a game-changer.  

September 2015
As Aadyaa is a venture by an Engineer, making it technically efficient is has always  been our priority. Keeping this in mind,we launched our mobile applications on Android and iOs platforms.


Our Thought

At Aadyaa we firmly believe in creating practical and personalized jewelry, without compromising on quality of the raw material. We have a dedicated in-house team of jewelry makers ( Karigars ) who create our jewelry with impeccable craftsmanship.
As we love the rich history of Indian jewelry we also have a dedicated section of traditional Indian jewelry specially from Maharashtra. Our attempt is to bring authentic jewelry in the most usable format.
If there is one thing that sets us apart is our ability to customize handmade jewelry to suit one’s personality , occasion and budget!


Our Brands

We internally have three brands. 

Ananya  : All creations under Ananya are designed and created inhouse. 

Krasivyy : Handpicked creations from Karigars across India. 

Dhaga :  Fabric products.


We, Team Aadyaa

Founder : Sayalee Marathe

Studio Manager : Neelu Punn Kale

Assistant Manager :  Sonal Gunjal

Administrative Executive  : Ratnaprabha Marne