Itihaas Peacock Clip On Hair Pendant

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The Peacock Clip On hair Pendant is a unique and never seen before creation. Handcrafted from silver with great detail, this accessory is as eternal and enigmatic as the royal bird itself.

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Itihaas by Aadyaa is a collection of premium silver jewellery, handcrafted and designed in-house. Our talented artisans took unprecedented effort and brought to life, designs dating back many centuries. The creations in Itihaas flaunt traditional motifs and design techniques used by artisans, which are not only of high historical significance but also cherished heirlooms of the past. While initial designs from the collection drew inspiration from the historic past, subsequent additions have retained the design techniques and aspired to be more contemporary and modern. Itihaas is special to us, for it was our maiden foray into conceptualising, designing and crafting jewellery from pure, premium silver. Each creation of Itihaas, has a very rich past and a very promising future.

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Weight (gm) No
Color Silver
Material Silver
Height No
Width No
Length No
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