Guftagoo - Spruha Joshi

5 May 2017 | Posted by Anay Joglekar for Aadyaa

To further enhance relations with our celebrity clients , we introduce : Guftagoo - Sitaron Se , in which Team Aadyaa interviewed the renowned Marathi actress, poet and our most loyal client Spruha Joshi.

“My thirst for an unending search of a new, unconventional style of jewellery is quenched by the way Aadyaa goes about its business, and believe me, it never fails to surprise me” , says Spruha. Opening her heart out in the interview, Spruha revealed that she has always been fascinated by silver jewellery with bit of a classic touch , and that’s exactly what our new collection Itihaas has provided her. An elegant blend of traditional style and its remake in contemporary mode suits her taste all too nicely.

Working very closely with Sayalee for several years now, she has seen Aadyaa grow and scale peaks of success, with each collection reaping more-and-more rewards unfailingly . It has always been an intensely dear connection with Aadyaa for her, not only due to the fact that Sayalee is her personal stylist, but also the way Team Aadyaa is efficiently organized, to imbibe in her expectations, a certain reassurance on which she can always rely upon.

It might not be too wrong to say that Spruha has indeed a personal connect with the brand Aadyaa , not to mention a deep sense of affinity which has been built over the years from knowing the team personally, to stating her frank opinions on our newest products!

It's been an absolute pleasure to be associated with this amazing human being, and we look forward to you flaunting your favourite Aadyaa creations in future!