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1 gram gold, micron plated jewelry and gold plated are different names of the same technique. Here are some facts that I have gathered after studying this subject for a while now ! 
1. There is no gold mixed in the base metal of jewelry. Plated jewelry is generally made in copper , brass or alloys of these metals. And of-course in silver too. Plating works the best for brass and sterling silver according to most experts.
Brass is budget jewelry and silver of-course increases the cost of final product. It is a very personal choice to opt for base metal as the final plating looks no different in both cases.
2. Life of gold plating is directly proportional to microns. Typically 1 micron of gold plating on jewelry , if handled carefully without perfumes or soap will last for more than 2 to 3 years.
(There are people who have been using heavy costume jewelry for more than 8 years too ! But that needs real care and keeping jewelry in airtight bags when not in use without an exception!)
3. Expensive plated jewelry ( Created on request by selected experts worldwide ) that lasts for years has 2.5 to 5 microns of plating which is very heavy gold plating for costume jewelry ( And this thickness of plating works the best on sterling silver ) . Branded watches by luxury brands have micron plating between 7 to 20 !
4. Cheaper the "gold plated" jewelry , lesser is the thickness of plating or probably there is no gold in the plating solution
Sayalee, Founder - Aadyaa
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