Driving down a hundred and fifty kilometres, just to take a look at your favourite jewellery? Wow, right? Well that was exactly our reaction, when the gorgeous Juili Marathe graced Studio Aadyaa, on a breezy weekend accompanied by her husband. The couple walked in with broad smiles, he totally floored us with his knowledge of jewellery and was completely involved with the selection process of the jewellery.

As you might have guessed, this one’s not your conventional “play by the rules” woman. Team Aadyaa was thus pleased to catch up with Juili Marathe, for a laid back Guftagoo!

Her profession, is as unique as her – Juili is a perfumer, working currently for an MNC. A true blue Mumbaikar who’s lived in the city of dreams all her life, Juili indeed chose to remain true to her dreams. On her way from school, she would pass by the local Perfume Factory owned by the Kelkar Family, which always caught her fancy. The curious child that she was, Juili always thought how exciting would a career in this industry look like.

A graduate in Bio-technology and Zoology from Kelkar College, Juili was approached by none other than Mr Kelkar himself, and was offered an opportunity to carry the legacy of perfumery forward. Being a very niche field even back in the day, there weren’t any educational avenues which were equipped to train youngsters in the art of Perfume making. However, an undeterred Juili went on to pursue her masters in Perfumery from France, and thus delved deep into this fragrant and very interesting field.

When asked what headspace is she normally in when work is concerned, Juili is a firm believer that there is no other challenge which lives up to the excitement of creating a fragrance which has a universal appeal. Fragrance being an extremely subjective area, she believes that it’s up to the individual, to make something which resonates with every person which uses it. She believes that she’s been fortunate enough to work closely with Mr Kelkar himself, a pioneer in India for Perfumery. However, she is of the opinion that after a certain point, it’s up to the individual to embody the nuances, and create for oneself. This is a philosophy which she relies on.

This interestingly also lays the root for her Aadyaa connection. She recounts her first meeting with Sayalee Marathe, and the team back at the Studio and the instant click. It wasn’t just a retail therapy session for Juili, but an overall enriching experience because it involved a conversation with everyone at the studio. She connected with the philosophy of Aadyaa, the stories of everyone in the team, which make a big difference for her.

The connection with the entrepreneur and the product was instantaneous. Juili is a firm believer of staying true to one’s roots. Heirloom jewellery which personifies tradition is a favourite for her. Aadyaa for her, is like a silent relentless revolution in the field of jewellery, which brings about a fine balance of traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery with the contemporary vogue. To her this is a quiet rebellion, thus making it a lot more relatable. The Manini collection is her favourite for this very reason. She makes a seamless analogy with her perfumery philosophy and simply states that, just the way a perfume truly resonates with the person, Aadyaa resonates with her.

Juili has broken the glass ceiling time and again, and truly stands out as an example which all of us can aspire to be. If you believe in yourself and your work, then the sky truly is the limit as she demonstrates so very well. We at Aadyaa, consider it a privilege to be associated with Juili Marathe, a true woman of substance.