A mother is skilled in multi tasking, a fact which many of us will vouch for. We are amazed time and again, with the grit and determination coupled with mind boggling balancing acts which our mothers pull off. The modern mother is acing this game, and how!

Case in point? Meet Suvarna and Ratnaprabha Tai, from Studio Aadyaa. For those of you who are regulars at the Studio, this dynamic duo needs no introduction. Suvarna, is the Studio Manager at Aadyaa. Soft spoken and enthusiastic, she is adept at catching a design which would suit the client’s preference in a jiffy. She rallies through the mounds of work like its the easiest thing in the world, and her zeal is indeed inspiring. A self employed entrepreneur who runs her own Internet Centre, she truly is a super woman.

Ratnaprabha Tai though the oldest in our team, is the youngest when it comes to energy and enthusiasm! She knows the inventory inside out. While we lesser mortals have to cross check everything off the inventory, it takes her only a second to confirm the availability of the product when we show her the picture! From stringing together necklaces and sets like a pro to driving across town with full swagger, there’s nothing that our dear Tai can’t do.

They run the show like divas, not just at their workplace but also at home. The two ladies are hands on mothers, and have inculcated the values of hard work, perseverance and determination amongst their children. They prove that tough times don’t last, tough people do. This Mother’s Day, all of us here at Team Aadyaa salute this dynamic duo.