How often have we wished for that extra hour to fit in our crazy schedule, over and above the allocated 24?

Dr Deepa Lokare Agawane is someone who’s a great example in time management and spending time well while we’re at it. Team Aadyaa recently had the chance to sit down and have a laid back Guftagoo with the amazing Dr Deepa Lokare Agawane.

Born and brought up in the city that never sleeps, the Mumbai girl carries with her the same spirit! Having completed her education as a dermatologist from Mumbai, she took a quiet courageous and unheard of decision. She moved to Phaltan from Mumbai post her marriage, and decided to explore the road less traveled.

While most wouldn’t trade a metro life to that in the suburbs, Deepa on the other hand believes that it was the best decision she could have ever made. She has mastered the art of managing several things in an exemplary way, and boasts of many feathers in her cap. In charge of managing the 20 bed family hospital, excelling at her flourishing practice as a dermatologist, lending a hand in surgeries to her orthopaedic surgeon husband, tending a terrace green house garden, being actively involved in numerous philanthropic causes; the list is a long one!

She’s quiet the busy bee, but is an all out traveler at heart. Having made a pact of taking at least a week off their busy schedules with her husband, Deepa loves to explore the hidden treasures of our country. What is her definition of an ideal vacation place? A place so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, that the otherwise omnipresent phone connectivity is also elusive. She loves to rummage through local markets, for the most popular regional jewellery. Her love for jewellery has culminated into an enviable collection, carefully assembled over the years.

Having come in contact with Sayalee and subsequently with Aadyaa, the collection managed to impress her. A person who sets her mind and gets things done always, Deepa planned a trip to the Studio while in town. Her love for jewellery and eye for catching a good design wasn’t disappointed and she picked up creations which would become a part of an ever-growing treasury. A skeptic in areas of shopping over social media, she was pleased with Aadyaa for she felt that the designs and quality was something that delivered to her expectations.

Team Aadyaa is indeed very proud to be associated with such inspiring personas, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have glorious examples like Dr Deepa Agawane to look up to.