The 21st century has seen a phenomenal development in the sector of women empowerment. We see women shattering the glass ceiling time and again, pushing the envelope further with every stride. We come across many such role models at Aadyaa every day and Sub Inspector Swati Deodhar is one such truly inspiring example.

Born and brought up in a business family, Swati always thought of pursuing a career in the field relevant to the same field. However, she realized that she isn’t meant for a conventional career and decided to prepare for competitive exams. She passed the exam with flying colors in her first attempt and underwent training to become a member of the police force. The many stereotypes associated with the profession notwithstanding, her experience has been very fulfilling. Having served in Mumbai and being posted in Pune currently, Swati is of the firm belief that serving in the police force offers one with a great opportunity to serve the society. She herself has come across many examples of women thriving in the police force. The job is hard work, no doubt but the satisfaction of helping those in need triumphs all obstacles for Swati.

Her unconventional choice of career has always found support from her family and loved ones. Her penchant for everything out of the ordinary drew her to Aadyaa. Having a love for accessories, she pairs up her favorite pair of Aadyaa earrings with her uniform. She feels a connect with numerous designs due to their utility with every outfit.

Swati has always taken every challenge head on and stands as a great example for all of us to follow. We at Aadyaa are very proud to be associated with her and are incredibly grateful to her for her service to our nation.